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Limitless Possibilities

Yo! From Global Trekker in Tropical Rainforests to Dinner with the Captain on a Cruise Ship, to a favorite camping trip I love them all! All travel restrictions have been lifted and its time to spread your wings!

Let’s solve your destination choice

How We Help You Succeed…

Hiking and Sport tips

1. Essential Gear.
2.Proper Clothing.
3.Necessary extras. (hat, sunglasses)
4.Pre-plan, research areas.
5.Knowing your route, compass.
6.Food, Snacks and water.
7.Safety and First Aid kit.
8.Wearing the right clothing.
9.Emergency Supplies.
10.Know hiking hazards

Getting your gear

Getting the most out of your trip will entail assembling the right items for your journey. I can help you from your travel arrangements all the way down to your water bottle and everything inbetween. From the USA to Asia to Central and South America, or any points in our awsome planet, let me assist you.

Healthy Choices

Get your best energy level up with the right nutrition. Easy, grab and go snacks to your entire meals menu, choose foods that will give you the stamina to forge on to new sights.
From Keto to Paleo diets, they can all help you maintain high energy but do require a little more planning than Pop Tarts and Doritos.

Travel Accomodations

Having been a frugal traveler for many of my trips, I understand the necessity of searching for the best airfare, when to fly, best day of the week to the best time of the year to visit your adventure travel destination.
There are always deals, wholesale tickets, spur of the moment tickets, and long term ticketing opportunities if you do a little research.

Tropical Adventures

In my past experience working as a research assistant in the Costa Rican rainforest, I learned a lot about what is required to have the best trip. This ranges from the time of year you visit to the specific area. For example, Costa Rica has a wet and very humid side on the Atlantic and Guanacaste Province is hot and dry on the Pacific side. In higher elevations you will find cooler weather.

Boating and Rafting

Whether its your favorite bass boat, a kayak, raft or larger vessel let me assist. I’ve enjoyed my twenty six foot Sea Ray on California rivers as much as my Intex Inflatable which you can throw in your vehicle and be done with it. These all have certain safety procedures along with proper maintenance for prolonged enjoyment of your camping trips.

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